About US

Itraake" gloriously applauds the Woman of today, who embodies the perfect synergy of the era gone by, with the fast-evolving present. We celebrate the 4Cs of the Lady of today - 'Contemporary' yet 'Classic'; 'Captivating' yet 'Comfortable'. 

We are passionate about setting some new rules around what the Woman of today carries with elan. Why does it have to be Ethnic OR Modern? Why can't it be Ethnically Modern OR Modernized Ethnic? It is with this goal, that we love to blend traditional fabrics with modern silhouettes. Our creations are comfortably Fresh yet Chic. Youthful, yet Timeless. 

Believing in the mantra 'less is more', Itraake has mastered the art of incorporating the vibrancy of Age-less Indian designs into hand-made creations. We take pleasure (sometimes, to pain-staking levels) to add Absolute Quality, Beautiful Detail, Classy Appeal and above all, Loads of Love into every creation of ours. With humble confidence, we know that every wardrobe that our creations will find, they will earn as much Love and Pride, as we put in...